Thursday, December 3, 2015


On February 2015, I've finally passed my CCIE R&S lab exam.
My next goal is to pass CCIE SP exam by 2017 and then proceed with CCDE certification.

I've noticed, that unlike with the R&S track, there is not much advanced training material available for people who attempt the SP track, specifically, at the time of writing this post,  there are no updated workbooks offered by any of the major training vendors.

Also, in my opinion, existing workbooks share a common problem. Those usually state the technology you are expected to use in the beginning of each task. In real lab environment, are you given a set of requirements, but usually it is not stated which feature should be used to accomplish the task. I think the same approach should be used for  advanced stages of preparation for the lab exam.

In this blog, I will post different tasks and solutions, following topics posted in Cisco CCIE SPv4 blueprint.  I hope this will be of help to other engineers who are preparing for Service Provider track, or just anyone looking to improve his knowledge or just need a configuration example.

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