Why this blog? 

The purpose of this blog is to create and share a free training material with anyone who is studying for a CCIE Service Provider version 4 certification, or those who just want to expand or evaluate their knowledge of the subjects.

The tasks will follow the exam blueprint available on Cisco site.

I am trying to write the tasks in the way similar to actual lab exam. Exact technology and features required to solve the task are intentionally not stated in the heading.

The solution section will include the description of technology, configuration steps and relevant configuration for each device. Solution description won't contain detailed explanation of features and command syntax. I do not want to duplicate information already available in Cisco documentation and many other excellent blogs and forums.

When possible, topology will have a mix of  IOS and IOS-XR devices.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the tasks or provided solution, or any other suggestion or comment, please post a comment or contact me via email. I appreciate your feedback!

I have not taken Service Provider exam, and I have no knowledge of topology and tasks presented in actual exam scenarios. Any resemblance to actual questions is accidental.

It is NOT a purpose of this blog to discuss or share any information related to cheating on the actual certification exam. Please don't post or request such information in the comments. If posed, such information or comments will be immediately removed. 

Best regards,
Dima Raitses


  1. Thanks for this blog! Even though I'm studying for the R&S track, I can use the BGP practice you've posted here.

    1. Thank you Tyler and good luck with your R&S studies! Next planned topic is Multicast - should also be good for R&S track.