Rules and Guidelines

Workbook Rules and Guidelines

Follow the rules and guidelines described below to create initial configuration for your labs and solve the tasks. 

Difficulty levels:

All tasks are assigned a difficulty level - beginner, advanced and expert. 
Beginner level tasks are designed to gradually learn to implement the technology which is stated in the task topic. You should have a good theoretical understanding of the subject. 
Advanced level tasks are more complex and should be close to what to expect in the lab exam. 
Expert level tasks are the most interesting and challenging to solve. Use those to test your expert knowledge. 

IP addressing rules: 

For each task, topology section will include the IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes allocated for each group of 
Unless stated otherwise in the task requirements, use the following rules to address the interfaces:

1. Assuming router RX belongs to network which is allocated prefixes A.B/16 and C:D:E/48, it's loopback0 interface ipv4 address will be A.B.X.X and ipv6 address will be C:D:E::X:X:X:X/128.

2. For link between router X to router Y, interface of router X should have an ipv4 address A.B.XY.X/24 and ivp6 address C:D:EXY::X/64. 


Each link in the topology diagram represents one physical link. 
Assume no subinterfaces, unless explicitly stated in the topology description. 

 IOS and IOS-XR routers represented by different symbols in the topology:



Initial configuration: 

Start the tasks with loopback0 interfaces and links between devices configured as described in previous section. 

Some tasks will use the configuration created in previous task as it's initial configuration. In this case, it will be stated in the "topology" section. 

Tasks and solution: 

Don't use static routes, PBR or any additional routing protocols not explicitly listed in the Tasks section. 

Unless stated otherwise, all devices should have full connectivity (any interface to any interface ) at the end of each task.

Questions and comments:

Questions comments and suggestion are more than welcome!
If you have a question regarding the task, please post a comment. 
If you have an alternative solution to the task, please email me, but don't post the solution in the comments section. 


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