Not only Anki allows you to learn new material faster, but it will also help you keep already learned information in memory. Available as desktop and mobile application. The best way to use it, is to create your own flash cards, as you go other documentation and practice labs.

Preparing for the lab exam requires hundreds of hours of hands-on training. GNS3 is an excellent tool for building your home lab. There is a large user community and lot's of information available.
Allow for very fast deployment of new topologies.

UNETLAB is another option for building your virtual home lab.
If you need a lab with a mix of equipment from different vendors, you should probably try UNETLAB.
Note that you need to be a Cisco employee to legally use the IOU images (same goes for the GNS3).

Wireshark is a must addition to your lab, and also a great troubleshooting tool.

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